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We have the largest gallery of landscape elements of any of our competitors, we have been around a while and even though materials and products regularly change and landscaping moves through different stages. We are happy to show older styles from older projects we have done. By the way, time may have moved on but those jobs are still rock solid quality as they were the day they were completed. All work shown was built by Nepean Landscapes. We do not use fake online photos or other peoples work. All our photos can be verified.

Our aim here is to show you many different elements that make up a Landscape as we briefly discussed at the top of this page. We could just show you 5 or 6 photos from our best job as some do but we would be failing to show you what we have been doing for 16 years, have you ever looked at a site and a business says they have been in business for 10 years and they have 10 photos of projects to show from that 10 years, this should ring alarm bells. 

We aim to show a full spectrum of what is possible over many jobs with many different circumstances, You can also check out our SHOWROOM to see a lot of different elements we have built over the years. We have many more projects to show so we rotate this section every few months or so.

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1. The Odd Shape 

The brief was simple, the client wanted a main decking area, a water feature visible from the kitchen, a fire pit area and to solve a privacy issue from the neighbour directly over looking his living area. Wheelchair access was vital from the back door with clear access to the backyard's 2 areas.

The yard had an odd shape to contend with in the main area and 2 virtually separate areas to cover in the budget. The site had waterlogged soil and drainage issues, as the builder left insufficient drainage to cope with the demand.

We excavated and installed extensive drainage for under the decking to drain away the water avoiding damp and stagnant conditions, also to relieve water from the back.

We created Merbau decking with extra structural integrity to cope with a heavy wheelchair. With merbau screens incorporated the water feature and vertical garden style feature to soften the hard screens.

We positioned a custom made water feature to be perfectly visible from the kitchen and living area inside the home and tiled the basin, cladded the head wall and created the water flow to project and sheer descent depending on setting, and a drainage pipe for easy cleaning.

At the back we made it accessible with ramps and area laid in 'Urbansurface' 600 x 400. We created a raised garden in 'Impressions' wall with mortared on capping and grouted joints, and a mondo grass edge hiding sub surface drainage.

The gardens are a lush modern style with a distinguished feel and will mature nicely. Plants including Junipers, Crepe Myrtle features, Nandina, Liriope, Lilly Pilly, Mondo Grass, Rhaphiolepsis. This garden will require with minimal maintenance all the way to maturity.

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 2. The 2 year Landscape!

Making the mistake that many make when building a new home, they got the builder to do the landscaping and 2 years later they called us to fix it.

The builder had left non sufficient drainage to cope with the water and sloped the land towards the house. The grass, or what resembled grass was more weeds now due to poor preparation underneath, water was pooling along the house and seeping under the slab which can cause some expensive issues there if its not rectified.

The brief was to fix it, create a small area to entertain outside the alfresco area to get some sun. Make it better to look out from the living area. Replace the cheap tile in the Alfresco as it was too slippery.

We excavated and sorted the drainage issues with sub surface and drainage under the deck to avoid stagnant conditions.


We retained in 'Arrinastone' wall with capping to create 2 levels for 3 reasons, 1. for looks, 2. to raise the new lawn above the heavy clay and 3. to control the water more efficiently.We relaid the alfresco area in 'Urbansurface' 600 x 600 Porcelain Pavers. We created a small merbau deck outside the alfresco to increase the entertaining area and create interest with split levels and the use of different materials. The subsurface drainage was hidden under the stepstone pathway. The pathway is laid in 'Urbansurface' with river pebble banding and Havenbrick edging laid in mortar with grouted joints.

A small screen feature was installed with stone cladding and merbau screening at the bottom as a backdrop to the view from the living area inside. 


The grass was 'saphire' soft leaf Buffallo and the gardens were simple with lavendula, nandina, lemon scented tea tree.


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3. Twin Creeks Golf Club

The brief was to create a more interesting entrance to the twin creeks golf club main entrance in luddenham.

We created a custom made water feature with 2 projecting spillways to symbolise the 2 creeks running into one creek, hence the name 'Twin Creeks'. We used a masonary structure, stone cladding for the head wall, and timber screening above. Sawn sandstone capping and central feature with a laser cut corten steel plate cut with the twin creeks logo.

With the addition of some night lighting and lighting to enhance the logo, it is suited to the style of the complex's age and blends to it surrounds, giving more ambience through the  sound of projecting water to the entrance.

The plants are simple potted colour, swapped out for different occasions at the complex. 

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4. Federation Revamp 

The brief was to update a large federation style home with an updated landscape including the pool, but not to go ultra contemporary and minimal as they wanted it to blend to the federation brickwork. Bring in some new colours to wash out federation but not completely.

We started with gutting everything completely, the pool coping, the old PGH clay pavers, the fountain, the pool fence and excavated through tight access.


We built a merbau deck for the main entertaining area off the kitchen and living area. The earthy red tones of the deck blended nicely with federation brick whilst bring in a modern, stylish element.

The deck also gave the opportunity to create split levels and interest to a dead flat yard which had some previous drainage issues.Extension drainage was installed to capture the pool area and under the new deck.


The fibre glass pool required a complete redo, the existing coping was replaced and a new, fresh waterline was installed. A backdrop screen feature and seating was installed to backdrop the pool and maintain privacy.

The coping and body chosen is 'Claypave' clay 300 x 300 pavers. The paver brings in a light fresh colour an blends with the cream windows and doors, deck and federation brick.


The pool required new pool fencing and keeping with the brief and not modernising to much, we went with aluminium flat top fencing in a 'woodlands grey' colour.


Woodlands grey was the colour we chose to bring in against the deck and paving. This colour was also used on the pergola colour change, the small retaining walls that enclose the pool area. the tiled featured in the screens and benchseats.

The pool area was enclosed with a small retaining wall in masonary and cladded with stone on the inside side and painted grey on the outside, we capped the wall in claypave for continuity. The wall helped with the transition from the split levels we created, the wall assisted with this transition by being a guide to neatly angle the pool fence through the level change.

The deck incorporates stylish bench seats with tile features on their sides in grey tile, a timber screen at the steps creates a separation without blocking it off between the rear granny flat and the main house area, the screen has a vertical tile feature.

The planting was simple soft screens for privacy and also used as backdrops to the landscape using 'Hinterland Gold'.

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5. Reclaim my land

The brief was to reclaim the backyard creating an area at the bottom for kids to play, remove the 1.5 drop, replace the pool fence and make it meet legal requirements.

We excavated through the neighbours block due to zero access on the property. Installed a  2 teir pre-cast block wall with capping in mortar. Paving in havenbrick charcoal and cream for the steps.

A new flat top aluminium pool fence and gate in charcoal.

A grassed area for kids in 'ST85' Buffallo and cordyline plants with hardwood chip mulch.

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6. Black Ice

The brief was to fill the oddly angled corner with a private entertaining area and a focal feature to backdrop the space.


We went with masonary double brick raised beds with a bagged, sealed and painted finish in 'Woodlands Grey' exterior Paint. The raised beds were tiled with a tile feature running through the bed and up the wall.


The paving is in a natural Granite Paver 400 x 400 in a charcoal colour with a white inset border to define the shape.


The focal point we chose a custom water feature with a projecting spillway. Natural stone cladded Head wall with the raised garden feature tiling continued on the sides and a fully tiled basin. the void behind was hidden with a custom merbau top to hide the electrics and pump. Capping continued in Granite Pavers.


The area is protected from the strong southerly winds with the main walls and sealed, painted in cream.


A simple formal 'Japanese box' Buxus hedge was planted to soften the hardscape.  

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7. No Mow Garden

This knock-down rebuild new home's brief was to have no mowing but a stylish garden.

We went with a 400 x 400 concrete paver in charcoal to create the stradapave area with 'ophiopogon japonicus' Mondo Grass banding. Subsoil drainage was installed to avoid pooling and create well draining garden beds to plant out.

The front wall is in masonary with a rendered, sealed and painted finish, horizontal screen slats were added between the peirs at a later stage.

The plants used were a feature 'Magnolia' surrounded by 'Gardenia'. Japanese box, Murraya paniculata hedge along the front wall and liriopes variegated.

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8. Deep Ocean

The brief was to overhaul the front garden, create street appeal, improve the entrance to the home whilst enhancing the existing 'Lagerstroemia indica' Crepe myrtle and make it a feature in the middle of the yard. But make it blend with the older house's features.

We Created split levels by utilising the slope from the street to the house to create a raised lawn area to match the existing crepe myrtle height, we enclosed the yard with a front masonary wall in 'Deep Ocean' colour with small cream pickets in between the piers. We created masonary raised boxes following the shape of the futue driveway and sandstone retainers in between for a difference in texture and colour.

Sandstone features were featured throughout with vertical runs through the retaining walls and paving, lighting and irrigation was installed to all gardens. A platform area with mondo grass banding also in 'hawkesbury' sandstone.

A custom cascading water feature was built in masonary with a 100 x 100 tiled head wall and basin, to keep the water noise low we went with cascading to a sandstone lower lip to limit the noise for the neighbours. 

Front timber balustrading was installed to freshen the tired verandah and a completely new entranc was created lining up better with the existing front door.

Planting used were 'syzygium australe' features in the 3 main raised beds. 'english box' Buxus in between the beds. Dietis along the front wall and a 'kikuyu' lawn.

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9. Block split into 2

The brief was to create an entertaining area on the other side of the house due to building of a granny flat and spliting the block into two addresses. Get access to the door which has never had access. A new driveway for the granny flat and landscape it to your DA Landscape plan. And a dividing fence but with a gate for easy access.

We went with a merbau timber deck to gain access to the door creating split levels at the same time. A timber screen to enclose the area for privacy and limit the afternoon sun. Deck has to sets of steps to access either side.

Stepping down from the deck to a 'Trevertine' 600 x 400 tiled area with a free standing pergola open roofed to allow a climber to grow over to filter the sun. The pergola is constructed in merbau with painted battens in cream and burgundy.

Extensive drainage works and some custom merbau screened covers to hide the water service and A/C units along the home.

To divide the now 2 blocks we installed a colourbond fence and gate dividing the properties.

A new clour through concrete driveway in charcoal was installed to give granny flat vehicle access and simple timber edging and syzygium plants with kikuyu grass to finish the granny flat.

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10. Crazy New Levels

A knock-down rebuild in the hills needed huge retaining around the property as the new home was set at a  much higher  finished level than the original home. The brief was to regain their space through retaining.

Most of the budget here was used towards the extensive retaining walls, Core filled besser block retaining was constructed to appropriate heights througout the boundary lines, a colorbond fenc was installed within the wall at the new height. 

Simple brick garden edging with 'syzygium australe' planted along the new fence with 'saphire' buffallo' chosen to withstand some part shade areas.

The front was kept simple with a stadapave area banded with white pebbles and a new masonary letterbox to match the home with 1/2 face brick and bagged finish painted with a sandstone capping.

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11. Upgrade

The brief was to revamp the main entertaining area and provide some privacy from the nieghbours.

We chose 'Himalayan sandstone' to be for a neutral tone in 300 x 300 size.

We installed a timber screen in a panel style with a natural stone cladded feature at the central focal point. Masonary raised planter boxes with a bagged, sealed and painted finish were chosen to incorporate the homes colours throughout the new landscape.

Simple 'cordyline' low maintenance planting chosen for color with an ST85 buffallo lawn.

Sandstone Paving, Tiling
Screening, Gardens
Planter boxes, Garden beds

12. Pool reborn

The brief was to update the old pool and pool room.

We chose 'himalayan sandstone' 300 x 300 tile for the new pool coping and surrounds.

The pool room was updated with a bagged finish painted to blend with the new retaining raised boxes. The walls were in masonary with a bagged,sealed and painted finish. Some privacy was achieved with timber screening in panel style with a central tile feature and seating installed. 

A custom filter cover was built to disgiuse the filter in the corner.

Simple planting in 'Junipers' for a stylish look and maintenance free.

Timber screening
Screening, Tile Features
Stone Cladding, Timber seating
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13. Retain my Pool

The brief was to retain the pool appropriately and replace the old rotted deck in the pool area, use bright vibrant colours for the grandkids to enjoy with low maintenance planting.

We retained the pool with a masonary double brick retainer along the boundary and set a colourbond fence within the wall.

We replace the old screens and deck with simple clay 230 x 110 bricksize pavers and some colourful inset borders incorporated within large platform steps safe for kids.

We installed a new timber screen feature ans seat at the centrall focal point with masonary planter boxes on either side.

We replaced the rotted pergola with a new pergola with timber screening backdrop.

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Pool Paving
Pergola Penrith
Colourbond fence, Screens, Pool area

14. Purposely aged

The brief was to create a tuscan feel to the backyard.

We first replaced the old bushrock retaing wall along the boundary with a masonary double brick retaing wall with a bagged, sealed and painted finish, a new colourbond fence was installed within the wall.


The plan was to purposely age the masonary wall and paving to achieve an old looking tuscan style to the backyard so we chose 'Stradapave 300 x 300 pavers for the paving as it is a very porous product that we would be able to age authentically. 

The bottom middle photo shows the landscape construction complete before we applied treatments to age the wall and paving, the end result a few months later and after softscaping and planting was complete is an old world tuscan feel.

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