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Builders Landscape DA Plan for $1,200, We do it for a fraction of this cost!


So, you need a DA Landscape Plan , whether you are planning your renovation or have a new home underway, a landscape development application is required and a compulsory part of gaining approval from either your (LGA) Local government Authority, your local Council or your estates developer.

At Nepean Landscapes, we can produce your landscape documentation fast to gain development consent and keep your project moving to completion. Our rates are the most competitive for Sydney Landscape DA Plans.

We can produce landscape plans for Council Development Applications (DA Application) and Complying Development Certificates (CDC) and Plans for developers approval. Whether its your new home, a dual occupancy, commercial or industrial development, we can create plans for all types and sizes of developments all over Australia's east coast from Canberra all the way up to Cairns. Our knowledge of environmental legislation is second to none meaning we produce high quality documentation, fast and at the most competitive rates on the east coast.

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As an added bonus, at Nepean Landscapes we are not only Qualified designers, but we are also qualified in Landscape Construction. If your development is located in Western Sydney, we offer landscape construction services to implement your landscape in one seemless transaction from gaining approval to building the landscape.


Our experience in on the ground landscape construction gives us an advantage over the average landscape designer as we understand how to build what we draw with an intinate knowledge of product and materials and how to install them. We can give you cost estimates on what you should expect to pay to implement your DA Plan in your home, dual occupancy, commercial or industrial development.


All of our cost estimates are ground truthed and tested as we build landscapes every day. A landscapers designer who lacks on the ground experience, the cost projections will be a guess. Don't risk guessing, know what your landscaping will cost early in your development for budgeting.

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Our Costs are the most competitive for the entire east coast of Australia. Why can we be so competitive? We have a strong landscape company behind us, diversifying our sources of income so we can deliver great prices on Landscape Plans. 


What is a Landscape DA and why do I need one?

A Landscape DA plan is Landscape documentation that is submitted to Council or developers for approval. It provides information to the Council or developer that states a case that the proposed development will be in accordance with all relevant environmental legislation. It is required to ensure the minimum requirements of energy efficiency are met and the minimum requirements of Landscapes are met.


You will require either one of the following for submission;

  • Landscape Plans for Council Approval

  • Landscape Plan for Developer Approval (Design review panels)

  • Landscape Plans for complying Development Certificate (CDC)

You will need a Landscape Plan as part of the development approval process, the plan is compulsory so your development can be approved, move forward in the construction phrase and onto completion. 


What do i receive from you?

Once you have agreed to our fees proposal and engaged us to create your landscape plans. We will first gain an understanding of which landscape plans will suit your needs, then we will begin documentation. We usually have the plans completed in 5 working days and you will recieve a PDF document via your nominated email containing your plans ready for submission to the appropriate authority.

A general outline of what the landscape plans contain to meet requirements is set out below;

Landscape Plans For Council Approval

These plans may be required for new homes or extensions/alterations to existing homes or knock down rebuilds. The plans aim to show the approving Council your design intent, proposed layout of landscape works, surface treatments, and adhere to all environmental legislation as per the Councils Development control plan (DCP). This will come in the form of a Landscape Concept Plan. The plan will be drawn to scale and may include the following;

  • Existing and proposed Levels

  • North Point and Scale

  • Existing Trees, Plants and Features

  • Surface Treatments

  • Planting Layout

  • Proposed Retaining

  • Cut and Fill

  • Planting Details

  • Construction Details

  • Tree Protection

  • Services Location

  • Private Open Space calculation

A Landscape Concept Plan to meet all revelent legislation, in PDF format, ready for submission.


Landscape Plans For Developer Approval

These plans may be required for new homes in housing estates. The plan aims to meet the developers estate guidelines and  covenance. A plan will be created ready for submission to the design review panel for approval. This plan comes in the form of a Landscape Concept plan and may contain the following;

The plan will be drawn to scale and may include the following;

  • All Surface Treatments

  • Planting Schedule

  • Plant Layout

  • Fencing to Boundaries

  • Bin Storage

  • Set Backs

  • Native Trees and Plants coverage

  • Driveway Finishes

  • Proposed Retaining

  • Planting Details

  • Construction Details

A Landscape Concept Plan to meet the developers covenance, in PDF format, ready for submission.


Landscape Plans For Complying Development Certificate (CDC)

These plans are for when a private certifier is used to gain approval, the plan aims to meet all relevant legislation. This will come in the form of a Landscape Concept Plan and may contain the following;

  • Permeable v Non Permeable calculation

  • Private Open Space calculation

  • Landscape area

  • Fencing Finishes

  • Landscaped Area

  • Planting schedule

  • Construction Details

  • Set Backs

A Landscape Concept Plan to meet all revelent legislation, in PDF format, ready for submission to your private certifier.


  "Hundreds of Happy Clients have got their Landscape Plans from us"

"I got a Landscape Plan from Nepean Landscapes

for my new home at Caddens. Great people to deal with, delivered as expected". Steve B, Caddens


Which areas do you service?

  • Akuna 

  • Altrove (Schofields)

  • Arcadian Hills

  • Atherstone Harpley

  • Birtinya

  • Box Hill

  • Brightwater

  • Brooks Reach

  • Calderwood Valley

  • Catherine Park

  • Chisholm Harvest

  • Colebee

  • Denham Court

  • Edmondson Park

  • Elara (Marsden Park)

  • Elliot Springs

  • Emerald Hills (Denham Court)

  • Fern Bay (Seaside)

  • Fernbrook Ridge

  • Freemans Ridge

  • Georges Fair

  • Gledswood Hills (The Hermitage)

  • Greenway (Colebee)

  • Harpley Estate

  • Harrington Grove

  • Hillcroft (Claymore)

  • Jordan Springs

  • Laurimar

  • Leppington

  • Macarthur Heights

  • Maitland

  • Mapelton Grove

  • Mayfield

  • McKeachies Run

  • Mulgoa Rise

  • Yarrabilla

  • New Park (Marsden Park)

  • New Rouse Hill

  • Newbrook

  • North Richmond - Redbank

  • Oran Park

  • Schofields

  • Seaside (Fernbay)

  • Springfield Lakes

  • Springfield rise

  • Springfield Rise

  • Stonecutters Ridge

  • The Ponds

  • Vantage, Corlette, Renwick, Mittagong

  • Village Square

  • Vulcan Ridge

  • Wallis Creek

  • Waterford County

Local Government Areas:


Camden Council, Campbelltown Council, Liverpool Council, Holroyd Council, Bankstown Council, Ashfield Council, Blacktown Council, The Hills Shire Council, Hunter's Hill Council, Marrickville Council, Parramatta Council, Penrith Council, Randwick Council, Rockdale Council, Wollondilly Shire Council, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, Great Lakes Council, Port Stephens Council, Lake Macquarie Council, Wollongong Council