Landscape Construction


Retaining Walls

  • Masonary - Brick, Block, Cladded, Render, Painted.

  • Sandstone - Ballast, mortar, drystack

  • Concrete - Pre-cast block, sleeper
  • Timber - Post and Rail, slab


  • Clay, Concrete, Sandstone, Limestone, Granite, Porcelain

  • Acrylic and Penetrating sealers, Salt treatments

  • Small or Large Format

  • Pool coping and Outdoor Tiling

Decking, Screens, Features

  • Timber Merbau, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt

  • Composite, Modwood, Britedeck, Ekodeck

  • Modular Wall


  • Plain, Colour through

  • Cove finish, Broom finish, Sawcutting, Sealing

Water Features

  • Once off Custom Built Projecting or Sheer Descent

  • Pre-Fabricated Purchased installed


  • Modular Wall, Colourbond, Aluminium Pool Fencing​

  • Gates

Garden, Lawns And Irrigation

  • Grass: Artificial, Kikuyu, Buffallo, Couch

  • Trees, Plants, Shrubs, Groundcover

  • Irrigation: Solenoid stations, Drip and Surface

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"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten." 


Retaining Walls


Retaining in any landscape requires many factors to be considered in regards to what type of wall will be suitable, what type of wall will match the look you desire and which wall will suit your budget.

Factors taken into consideration are soil and geology conditions. Surcharges and loads, height of the wall, drainage options from free draining to controlled water management, erosional conditions, Council legislation, potential structural engineering requirements to mention a few.

Combining and working with the site conditions to introduce a retaining wall that will not only combat the conditions and serve the purpose, but also hold structural integrity, durablity and be aesthetically pleasing.

We can help you navigate the many available choices and offer sound advice on which retaining elements may suit your project.

Retaining Walls



Decking, Screens And Features

Natural Timber decking is hard to beat for its natural beauty within any landscape, from its earthy tones to textured grain it provides a polished space to enjoy. Whether you use imported merbau, Australian hardwoods such as blackbutt or spotted gum, there is a tone to suit every situation. Composite decking is an option for the minimalist look with ever improving grain realism and colour selection this may be the style that suits your home. 

Timber is very flexible in its use and can also be used for privacy or backdrop screening, bench seating, steps, custom filter covers, planter boxes.

We assess many things before building our decks, the underdeck drainage is vital to ensure no pooling water and stagnant conditions. The structure, Council approval, sun/shade assessment and many more to ensure the integrity and longevity of your new deck.  

Decking & Timber



Paving, Natural Stone, Tiling And Concrete

The hardstand areas are for creating pathways and areas in to entertain. With a huge range of Pavers, Natural stones, Tiles, Clay and Concrete pavers available the choice on colours styles are almost endless. The majority of products require different processes to install such as concrete base and adhesives. Sand bedding, mortar bedding to name a few, all leading to cost differences between different product choices. 

We can assist in choosing a product that will achieve the look you desire whilst keeping your budget in mind.

We consider many things to determine what product may fit your project, such as the geology and soil conditions, the budget, the look to achieve, suitable bases, vehicular traffic, pedestrian traffic or both, if your pool is concrete or fibreglass, chlorine or salt water, sealing requirements, drainage requirements are vital as hardstands act as water collection which need control. 

Paving, Natural stone, Tiling and Concrete



Water Features, Garden Features

A water feature is a great addition to any landscape, a well designed water feature can bring the right ambience to your space with the subtle sounds of flowing water.

We offer once off, unique, custom designed and built water features for an original and personalised, amazing look.

We can custom create onsite, any style or variation of water feature whether it be projecting or sheer descent flow.

We are happy to install an off the shelf, pre made, everyones got one because it is mass produced options if you prefer.

Other features we can incorporate into your landscape are Sculptures, Statues, Ponds, Fountains, custom laser cut Corten Steel, Lighting, Feature steps, Tile features, Cladding features.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to any features of the landscape, but consideration must be given to the right amount, type, position and style to blend with the garden seemlessly.   

Water Features



Pool Coping And Surrounds, Gardens

A great addition to any landscape is the pool, although some would disagree. Whether you have a new pool to finish or you want to give a facelift to an older pool, we can do it.

Considerations of the type of pool whether it be concrete or fibreglass, chlorine or salt, inground, outground will determine the appropriate Pavers or tiles for your coping, sealing requirements and laying techniques required.

Gardens are an essential part of any landscape, the plants will bring a soft touch to all the hard elements, lush plants in optimal growth require working with the site geology and soils to select species that are suited to your soils. With good preparation providing plenty of organic nutrients for your garden beds your plants will prosper to maturity.

We can supply all trees, plants, shrubs and groundcovers from small to large advanced trees from the very best nurseries.  

Water Features