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Landscaping Sydney's west and the Blue Mountains

Established in 2003, Nepean Landscapes have established themselves as one of Western Sydney’s premier, full service, residential Landscape Companies. 

We put our longevity down to the fact that we have mastered the art of interpreting our clients needs, and executing their vision in a professional manner, ensuring our clients satisfaction at the end of each project. We maintain and balance competitive pricing and quality to produce results that stand well past our warranty period.

We are specialists in the Residential Landscape market who have an extensive and proven track record of using creative vision, experience and passion to produce landscapes that are practical and functional while pulling some x factor when required. 

Our staff hold all relevant professional qualifications allowing us to offer a vast range of in-house services from Professional Landscape Design, Landscape Construction and Project Management.


​Our philosophy is simple, to achieve our clients brief using vision and creative design to meet your goals and expectations whilst giving you value for money and maintaining quality standards in every project we undertake.


​So, whether you want to transform an established home or build your dream landscape on a new home. Whether you need a small retaining wall to a major project, with the services on offer, we can deliver all aspects from Landscape Design through to Landscape Construction using the same baseline principle...quality.

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"The Experience of years of Design and Construction gives us the knowledge to offer sound advice"

Our Approach

We have a simple method for how we approach each and every job. We listen to you, the customer. We compile your ideas and thoughts into creating a finish that serves your purpose and that you are happy with, because you are paying for it, you should get what you want.

We are a straight talking company who offer sound advice for your home like we would in our own homes. Everyone would love to create the landscape of their dreams similar to that magazine shoot of the pool area in that multi million dollar resort, or replicate the amazing resort style they experienced in Cairns. If you have the budget, we have the skillset, Lets do it. 

The residential market in Western Sydney is a different beast, generally homeowners paying of a mortgage who would like to make home improvement's that are efficient, on point and serve their budget, with the aim to utilise and enjoy their outdoor spaces more. Not to mention Western Sydney Landscapes have huge blocks of 600m2 plus to spread your budget over. Most high end Sydney landscapes you see in the magazines may be 50m2 backyards to spread a more significant budget over, it is much easier to design high end magazine projects in small spaces with larger budgets. Then to design for a small budget in a huge space, whilst capturing a style you prefer, and filling the whole space with good quality elements. This is where our design services can help.


In our experience dealing with the public, people have a large variance in styles, colours, textures and a set idea that they would enjoy in their landscape. One persons dream may be another's nightmare. To cater to the many variances and produce individual results, we offer ideals such as;


Sound Professional Advice;

Although it sounds boring, I know right. But sound practical advice and guidance will provide you with a functional Landscape. And we can guarantee you will get much more enjoyment from a landscape that works, is well designed, on budget and will be on trend for many years to come. 

Positive product and material choices that utilise the budget well, instead of spending 80% of the budget on one tile because its the 'it' thing at the minute and landscaping poorly with the last 20% of the budget. We will find a balance between all elements chosen to utilise your budget more wisely. Completing the project in stages is a better option to achieve a quality result, rather than trying to spread a budget to far creating a poorly executed job.


With no end to the choices available in regards to products to utilise in the modern landscape, we can help you navigate through the good products, the not so good or practical products, to leave you with a choice of good quality products that are not just low quality passing fads, and represent good value, longevity and suitability for your particular project.

The importance of sound advice will lead to a clear vision and uniform style from beggining to end, spreading the budget wisely to incorporate good quality aspects throughout the entire landscape, creating a space that will function well, serve your purpose, be very appealing and allowing you to enjoy your landscape investment more.​

  "A Paver or Tile does not make good the Landscape, it only acts to enhance a good design" 

Assessment of your home and your ideas;

An onsite consultation is where we begin, we start by listening, we listen to what you are hoping to achieve by engaging a Landscape service. What is your end goal? and what would you be willing to outlay to achieve this goal?


Most clients we approach have an idea in their head as to what they want, our first task is to assess whether this will be possible. Anything can be achieved with enough money thrown at it, but is it an end result that we would consider to be money well spent? Are you over capitalising your landscape in respect to your properties value? Are there site constraints that will limit possibilities? You may be completely set on getting the look you want regardless of the consideration of the other factors, this is fine. (We are not going to throw away a job because its over the top in a good way!) But we do have a moral obligation to perform our due diligence as professional's to ensure your landscaping fits your unique situation in terms of the outcome.

Further assessment of the site will help us gain an understanding into the unique good and bad conditions, the possibilities to enhance, and the constraints to combat. Combined with your ideas and desired end goal, we can now formulate this information into a clear direction for the project. 

So, through a brief assessment of  your ideas and your home, you can be assured that any further advice, is well thought through and based on a foundation of understanding in regards to your project. 

So how do we move forward to complile this basic knowledge into a comprehensive vision engaging all of your ideas and your homes unique conditions?. We would recomend a Landscape design, and what a coincidence, we offer professional Landscape design in Western Sydney.

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"Check out some amazing transformations with our before and after shots of some of our projects"